woman and wine

there is people telling me this
and there is people telling me that
women are not meant to be easy
but should they make life a mess

i keep on whining
while drinking wine
all these wonderful creatures
won’t leave me a dime

they have eaten my truffel
they have sucked my juice
nothing is left there
but my blues

it’s not just the void
that fulfills my mind
it is all those women
making me blind

yeah they are changing behavior
like it was a favor
leaving in noses
there very own flavor

you’re damned with them
but sick without
but don’t dare to mention
cause nothing’s allowed

let’s put a new coat of faint
on that lonesome old frown
i don’t feel as lonesome
when youre not around

too less to offer
and to much time
so i keep on thinking
of women and win