summer night

high style boasting?
your daddy’s rich hmm
and you mother good lookin?
give me a swig (ya?)
they say never fight a drinker
passin through
it isn’t true.

in a summer night
livin is easy.
With liquor at 30.5
I wanna meet your wife and tell her something bout hear neckless
which i really like
with those red stones fingers crossed
while the nose is bleeding
I keep on feeding it
with white truth
and i sing the blues.

A plummers prime lost in the dobble bass
and fresh haze is hiding behind the early time over the city.
Still swimming in whisky .
Fish are jumpin, yeah
fish are jumpin synchronically in the brown sauce
of lovly lethargy.

There is khaki colored cakes
on the table
smelling of the same old brew.

let me smoke
i wanna drink my self through death and life
and i wanna have a thousend and one wife
and kill myself a couple of times
cry for myself with whisky tears

i want to inject the devil into my veins
i wanna eat all this pain and crab
oh let me try you dirty smack
you harlequin
i sink back, see you thinking
dithering in the sack

and drinking