You know I sold my watches
You know I sold my very best clue
You know I’d sell anything
just to be with you.

You know I left my countries
You know I’ve nowhere to arrive
but you there is nothing better
suitable for this life.


My time is up
and empty my jar
but i’m ful of whisky
still smoking cigars
You’re like my baby
crawling on the floor
all this shit
is not going back no more.

You know I’m liar
You know I’m doing well
you’re just buying everything
I’m trying to sell

You know what I like
You know what I need
Your keeping me up
up on my feed


You know that you love me
you know I know it too
But you know nothing about me
has ever been true.

You know I’m a poet
romantic as a sigh
I’m not perfect
And I shall never try.