dancing partner

well… she said she did not wanna become a story she said
she would just love to get married to me right away
and she did not wanna get the abortion she had,
even though she decided that for herself, because i was not predictable enough she said
that loving and most lovable creature who was a mother too you know
of two little sons that she got when she was very young,
and who now struggles not just money wise…

she had that very suiting taste and that very pleasing voice
she was an entertainer she was and is a huge fan of poetry
she liked to tap dance with me in the afternoons
picking up couches from the streets
like bowery bums listening to lou reed
and bringing it all back home together.

where is my dancing partner?
yeah, where is my dancing partner?

she was always getting cabs even though she was totally blank
and she payed for everybody but had no money left for light or rent
and i was amazed by that wild thing, coked up apparently
and i got mad and crazy
i couldn’t stand it
but wanted nothing more.

she was a jealous fish
down there in the sea of sex and women
and i was a bird rattling around
but always staying truthfully on her ground on which she brought me back by screams.

where is my dancing partner?
where is my dancing partner?

she was so shiny, a diva
afraid everyone was always talking about her
adored her, feared her,
but wanted the worst for her.

elegant but arrogant
then she got pregnant,
couldn’t keep it
i did not understand
and cried like the unborn child
like an unknown friend.

i came on to her like a gentleman
caring and loving
but well i was too young i guess
too young to fulfill under winged needs
too young to fake taking over a family which was crazy.

where is my dancing partner?
where is my dancing partner?

i missed her cosiness obviously
glided right by there
just got a light taste
and been sent away
with the memory of her flavor.

and then i starred to the door
after she tapped away
on her tip toes
that was a great dance i knew with those black clapping shoes.

where is my dancing partner, i wonder,
where is my dancing partner?