So I wish you all a splenidid good evening tonight,
friends on the stroll gliding through the costly coast of your coziness
mother beauty
let us be wild, even more
let us get filmed, screened, shut
while fucking at the shore
little princesses we are
in a gay mood the lore of
love in galore,
having spent king size times
in a king size bed, i wanna go mad with you baby
i wanna talk to you through the radio
with a warm carosma

beautiful people walkin around
32 degrees out there in a sunny mood
you all should go out and enjoy the sun
being glad having drinks and fun
and forget the stress which you had
just take your time,
take your time

call the lateline and talk a bit about the issue
honestful on the stroll
who got the most views
the most likes
well pretty pretty
find ick janz schön schön wa?
schön schön schön schön biste.
and one hears that, and one gets that
it’s all set on the set of live
with you my love
with you.

(and yeah be tonight at uncle sam’s pub, the ludican blues band will play their new set
i will be there, watching it burn, you should come too you lovely listenens,
the tune will be bloddy bluesy as bloody always you know,
and it’s less than a quarter c note so you can call a cheap mambo,
don’t you dare miss it! don’t you dare dissappoint me.
if you’re short on your budget you can win a ticket for tonight in the show.
just call the late line and ask for caro
if you wanna win the race with an ace.)

and to end this chapter for a lucky tiger
we’ll listen to some Emotional Weather Report.