benzo soul

no sense to the universe of intense.
with a benzo soul and a gasoline heart.
baked in the oven of smoke.
for allen’s total animal soup.

so he seemed lonly
but cared for
he shared a room with
a dragon he said
bears creeping with whisky glasses
he said with whisky glasses yeah
in those rooms
clouded in a nicotine bless.

it’s a dream he screamed
it’s a dream,
dearless and loveless.
motionless and goalless
endless and lifeless
and priceless
this life.

his black hat was gleamin‘ more
than his thoughts were
in a velvet mood
through all the odds

ordering the tenth round
he didn’t want to feel
he said, didn’t want to see

wasted he giggles.

the nightly gusts
of emotional issues
is not any different to
the ones during the day.
Fading to grey.

he was asking for the check then
to wander again he said
it’s cold out there he said
but he had to go.

so i was left there alone
with burning memorys of never seen
no more.